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A discount card

We've made the effort to provide you great value around Chester. That means you can wave your LoveChester card all over the city to get money off, free stuff and great deals. The LoveChester discount scheme is exclusive to Chester students, ensuring local businesses work with you in mind.

LoveChester discount card


More than just a discount card

LoveChester extends beyond discounts. It is a means by which we can collectively explore Chester and the delights that its local and independent retailers have to offer. Our blog tells their stories and our website is designed to enable you to navigate the city with the knowledge of a discount around every corner. It’s not just a card, it’s a gateway into a world that contains your new favourite place, we’re sure of it!

Our Brand Promise

10% of our profit will be given to charity every year.

Whilst we are passionate about enriching the student experience, we love Chester and want to give to local charities who love Chester too.

The bottom line - we want to do good for people and the planet.