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Chester city centre - Love Chester Student Discounts

I remember the first time I logged into Facebook after having seen ‘The Social Network’; it felt a little different. Despite Mark Zuckerberg coming across as a slightly prickly character my perspective became grounded in the broader narrative of Facebook’s early beginnings in some nerdy kids’ bedroom. Knowing that made it feel different, like I was actually participating (in a tiny way) in some grand and epic story.

To be honest, we’ve become so caught up in doing stuff that we have neglected to share with you why we’re doing stuff. Therefore, we want to take this opportunity to fill you in on the broader narrative of LoveChester and to invite you to participate in our story.

LoveChester was started by a group of ex-University of Chester students. We felt a slight sadness that as we were coming to the end of our time at uni and potentially moving on from this great city that we hadn’t enjoyed it more and explored more.

There is so much mashed into the centre of Chester that you can wander through and notice somewhere new nearly every time. That was us. We regretted that we hadn’t broadened our horizons, instead we ended up going to the same places, doing the same things.

Therefore, we decided to take action. The answer, we felt, was to create a vehicle that enabled students to connect with local businesses. Student discounts are a great way to do this, they present an opportunity for students to save money and for businesses to express their desire to support and encourage students.

Thus, LoveChester was born…

Eli Mitchell

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